Bringing Our Mission to Life By Planting Churches

Move-Plant-Build is a division of Bradley Bowen Construction dedicated to serving churches and church planters. While working alongside Pastor Joby Martin to launch The Church of Eleven22, the Lord made it clear to Brad that his future included helping church planters create places for worship, discipleship, and fellowship. Move-Plant-Build is the result of Brad’s obedience to the Lord’s call.

In early 2011 the leadership of Beach Church decided to launch Pastor Joby Martin and about 1200 regular attenders into Jacksonville as The Church of Eleven22. It was an unprecedented move of God that included such miracles as:

  • A denominational church launching a non-denominational church
  • A three-year $6 million capital campaign shared between two churches.
  • A  40,000 square foot renovation project estimated to take 18 months that was completed in just 12 months

While planning a mission trip to  Jamaica, Pastor Joby Martin learned that Brad Bowen, who attended the church, had construction experience and asked him to go to work on the misison. Over the next three years the Church of Eleven22 and Bradley Bowen Construction partnered with Pastor Wayne Barclay of Claremont, Jamaica, to build and renovate various structures, including two churches in Claremont and Alderton. With multiple teams, BBC worked with churches to clean and renovate churches, schools, and housing projects in and around Monique, Jamaica.

A few years later, Bradley Bowen Construction built a Medical Center in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica that now serves hundreds of people in the community. The Medical Center was named a “Center of Excellence” by the Jamaican government in 2012.

It was this relationship and joint effort in transforming the Jamaican community that united Pastor Joby and Brad Bowen. Two years after the construction of the Jamaican Medical Center, the two men found themselves working to remodel an old Wal-Mart that would become the gathering place for The Church of Eleven22. Recently, that renovation grew into a $20 Million expansion at what is now the main campus of the Church of Eleven22. Today, the campus accommodates 3,000 in its main Worship Center, with additional space for teens, children and adult classrooms.

Over the years, Bradley Bowen construction has designed, renovated, and built a number of Church of Eleven22 campuses including Fleming Island, San Pablo, Arlington, and Mandarin. Additional projects are in progress as the church expands its mission in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia region.